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Converse: Products & Services

Converse is an American shoe company that has been making shoes, lifestyle fashion and athletic apparel since the early 20th century. The company is world renowned for its iconic sneakers called “Chuck Taylor’s” or simply Chucks. These chucks are made of canvas and rubber shoes and were designed to be an elite shoe for professional basketball league, though as years went on became a favorite for numerous groups and subcultures.

Its products composed of the following:

  • Shoes – Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, skateboarding and sports authentic
  • Clothing – shirts, jackets, tee’s, shorts and denims
  • Accessories – bags, hats, socks, glasses, watches, keychain, and laces
Converse: Company Background

Converse started from the humble beginnings of Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusettsin 1908. The company first started as a rubber shoe company that manufactures winter footwear's. By 1917, Converse came to a turning point when basketball player Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor joined the company and became a salesman and ambassador, promoting the shoe around the U.S. In the 70’s the company acquired the trademark for badminton champion Jack Purcell. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and in 2003 rival Nike bought the company.

Converse: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Almost all reviews of Converse has positive feedback especially in their chuck sneakers. Somehow, mixed review can be accounted with the acquisition of competitor Nike. Added to this, their manufacturing was moved out of the US. Here are some of the reviews online:

Reviews from Macy’s

“The best for me for fifty years and "running" – BobLiny

"Its Stylish and Last Long, very fashionable and durable." – crazyslimchucks

“I was hoping they were what I grew up with , but aside from the size being way large.I was not to thrilled with the recycled material in the sole . These shoes do not grip like the AMERICAN originals did , nor do the insoles have the cushion. Definitely be my last pair !” –Disappointed58

“A timeless classic. Very well made. They do run long and narrow. Don't size up. They'll take several days to settle in and stretch out a little”. – JBukit

“I've been wearing Converse Chuck Taylors for years and needed to replace my red high tops. I really enjoy Chucks, the look, the style that is classic, and the comfort. The most recognized sneaker, ever. More people comment on my chucks than any other shoe that I wear. Only drawback...I had to order online and pay shipping since red high tops weren't available in the local store” –ChucksGuy

“I have over 5 pairs of these shoes. different colors! the are very comfertable and they last a long time~! REMEMBER: if you are a girl ordering these and you put your shoe size in it is going to be wrong cus this is a mens shoe duhh! im a size ten in womens so i order this show in a 8” - nicoleeeeeeeann

Reviews from Epinion

Pros: Comfortable, flexible, and look cool. Cons: Water goes right through them, kinda slippery on hard floors in the rain.

“I've noticed so many kids in my agegroup (17-20) wearing converse shoes for so long. I never did buy them because I always found another shoe putting the converse off. Well, about 4 months ago I decided to just go ahead and get em. I love em” – kevin361

Pros:cheap, classic, comfortable Cons:part of Nike's evil empire

“For a long time, my "athletic" shoe of choice has been Coverse's Chuck Taylor All Stars, either in high-top or low cut versions. I put the word in quotes for two reasons: the first is that I generally just wear them as shoes and the second is that their utility as athletic shoes is questionable. There were two other things that were cool about Chucks. One is that they were proudly made in theUSA for as long as possible, although they started moving operations to the far east like everybody else a few years ago. The other is that they were cheap, cheap, cheap. I've never spent more than $25 for a pair of chucks, and I've paid as little as $6 (that was for a cool forest green pair with a thicker than usual sole and a true heel). They are still cheap here inCalifornia, but the reviews I've read on this site suggest that the prices have increased since the acquisition of Converse by Nike.”  – factotum

Pros:Comfortable, not arched, LOVE the look Cons:Hard to clean, a bit pricy.
“Despite steep prices (for me anyway) and fairly quick wearing down, I LOVE these shoes to death. They're comfortable and pretty too. Just make sure to stay away from those freaking mud puddles and stuff, especially if you're really particular on keeping your shoes like brand-new. These were designed to be running shoes, but I like them much better to wear everyday and stuff. That's probably why they're showing damage. There's tons of designs to choose from, so I recommend buying more than one pair. Last words? BUY THEM NOW... You will love them.”  – chaseatwister2

Converse: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Converse is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it has made its name an iconic brand through its years in the business. Converse acquired a great deal of popularity from basketball and other sectors of the media. Converse shoes are popular in celebrities and musicians alike. Its popularity made way for several special editions including DC Comics, The Ramones, AC/DC, the Sailor Jerry, Metallica, The Clash, Dr. Seuss, Grateful Dead, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Drew Brophy, Nirvana, Bad Meets Evil, Super Mario, and Gorillaz  

Converse: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Converse official website has an Alexa traffic rank of 22,730 worldwide and 5,459 in the United States of America., where its audience demographic are mostly in the 18 to 34 years of age.There are 6,331 sites linking to it and average loading time is 1.244 seconds. The Google PageRank of this site is 6 out of 10. Compete site analytics shows unique visitor to a high of over 1 million to a low of 500 thousand per month.

Converse: Social Media Presence

Converse Official Facebook page has already reached 3.2 million likes and still growing. Meanwhile on its Twitter account has 80 thousand avid followers. It also has an official YouTube channel for the latest videos about Converse and its products activities and its featured music. Through these social networking sites, Converse’ customers will have the first opportunities to know the latest trends, new arrivals, special deals and converse music.

Converse: Website Security & Safety

According to Google’s Safebrowsing Diagnostic, Converse official Website has no suspicious content within the past 90 days. It also has not hosted any malicious software for over 90 days. Its website also uses HTPPS during data transmission to fully protect its customers’ information during purchasing of their product and services.

Click here for the result

Converse: Pricing & Packages

Converse pricelist is very competitive and practical compare to its competitors. Their product boast of range and style so there are many to choose from. One can also design their pair of shoes. Check the table below to have an idea of its price range.

Chuck Taylor

Adults:$55 to $125  Kids:$19 to $37

Jack Purcell

$60 to $85


$50 to $65

Sports Authentic

$50 to $75


$19 to $78


$12 to $125

Prices of Converse sneakers are generally cheap with lots of design and cuts to choose from.

Converse: Shipping Rates & Policies

Converse products are easy to get these days with lots of boutiques in malls and shopping districts.

Converse do shipping and delivery to the US but one can check in ones country if they deliver in your area by changing the country in the bottom of the site. Shipping in the USA comes in three choices; UPS Ground goes for free for 7 to 10 business days, UPS Express Delivery for $12.95 in 2 to 3 business days and UPS Next Day Air for $14.95 in next business day if ordered before 11am CST.

If shipping is not available for your country, the website suggests stores nearest your area.

Converse: Payment Methods Accepted

Converse accepts payment from all major credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network and American Express. They also use PayPal as an alternative payment in checking out items. Their site uses “https” to ensure that your billing transaction will remain as secured as possible. You can also apply a gift card for your transactions. Converse from time to time gives special discounts and free shipping, so be sure to check its site regularly. 

Converse: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Converse accepts returns on their products; Click here for order, shipping and returns. Just log-in the right requirements or details and you can check the order status, purchase history and return items. You can contact them 24/7 at (888) 792-3307. For watch warranty questions, contact them at (877) 807-2788 anytime. You can also email them at for any queries.

Converse: Product images & screenshots
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Get Up To 40% Off Select Converse Products at Macys @ Converse
Get Up To 50% Off Select Converse Items At Nordstrom @ Converse